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What our patient had to say

I don’t want to go back to hospital but I love this hospital.

Tak Fujioka

Got surfers ear? Don’t give it a second thought. Go see Dr Nakanishi ASAP.

Sean Carey

I was back in the water after 3.5 weeks.

Ed Adkin

Pre-operative exams.

We need the result of these pre-operative exams for general anesthesia.

Please consult your local doctor before 1 month you coming to Japan.

You can go back your country post operative day 3 with no ear packing, even both side surgery.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)


Blood type (ABO&RH),

Blood test (CBC with platelet,total protein, albumin, urinary acid, BUN, creatinine, NA, K, CL, T-cho, TG, T-Bil, GOT, GPT, ALP, γ-GTP, CHE, LDH, CPK, AMY, BS Coagulation test (PT, aPTT)

Infection test (HBsAg, HCVab, TPHA)

Chest Xray-picture,


Interview: Surfer’s ear surgery

Free Surfer’s Ear medical check up

Free Surfer’s Ear medical check up 

14th Feb. 2019 am10:00 start. at Pacifico Yokohama (Kanagawa, Japan) site of Maneuver line Inc.

I can show your EAC using digital otoscope. And explain the situation of the ear canal.
In case, you need a treatment, of course I can help you.

Olympic 2020 Surfing tsurigasaki Beach

Call for ENT Doctors in AUS and NZ who can collaborate for surfer’s ear treatment.

Dear ENT docs


My name is Haruka Nakanishi, ENT doc in Japan.

Recently, some Surfers from Australia and New Zealand come to see me for their surfer’s ear surgery. … Continue reading

What’s makes the difference in surfers ear surgery? The chisel technique.

Some surgeons argue that a chisel is safer and more effective than the drill for surfer’s ear surgery, like Santa Cruz’s Dr. Doug Hetzler.

He mentioned Haruka Nakanishi as a doctor from Miyazaki, Japan in this movie.

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