What’s makes the difference in surfers ear surgery? The chisel technique.

Some surgeons argue that a chisel is safer and more effective than the drill for surfer’s ear surgery, like Santa Cruz’s Dr. Doug Hetzler.

He mentioned Haruka Nakanishi as a doctor from Miyazaki, Japan in this movie.

Dr. Hetzler is well known as the “Michelangelo of the ear canal” because  he introduced the chisel technique for Surfer’s Ear surgery in this article:

Douglas G. Hetzler: Osteotome Technique for Removal of Symptomatic Ear Canal Exostoses: Laryngoscope 117: January 2007 Supplement

He has a lot of experience, especially in surfer’s ear surgery.

In 2012, I visited his clinic and received instruction about the chisel technique for surfer’s ear surgery.

He is one of the best mentors of mine. We have kept in touch and discuss development in the procedure of surfer’s ear surgery.

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