Call for ENT Doctors in AUS and NZ who can collaborate for surfer’s ear treatment.

Dear ENT docs


My name is Haruka Nakanishi, ENT doc in Japan.

Recently, some Surfers from Australia and New Zealand come to see me for their surfer’s ear surgery.

I heard that retro-auricular incision and drilling for removal of surfer’s ear surgery is still common in their country.

I learned the chisel method for surfer’s ear (exostoses) from my mentor Dr. Douglas Hetzler in 2012.

This technique allows surfers early coming back for surfing after surgery. and more, safer for inner ear,  less pain,  enable bilateral surgery.

Now I can explain and show how to remove the exostoses lesion with chisels through the ear canal, and also how to preserve ear canal skin as much as possible.

I wanna spread this technique for surfers abroad.

If I could find ENT Doctors who can collaborate to upgrade surfer’s ear surgery in your country, I will go to see him and explain the chisel technique.

If you have experiences in tympanoplasty and also experienced exostoses surgery using the drills, I think you are ready to learn chisel technique.

(Hopefully, I think you should be able to finish tympanoplasty for chronic otitis media within 90 min to learn chisel technique.)

I need your help to show and present the usage of chisels and a lot of tips for this surgery in your country. Shall we change the common sense for this surgery?

Please contact me through the Linkedin app.or send me a mail:

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