About treatment of the surfers ear in our hospital

Q: How long do I have to be in hospital for ?
A : Usually, one ear requires 1 night 2 days, both ears requires 3 nights 4 days. Sometimes I ask patients to stay a hotel nearby our clinic one night on post operative day. You can stay our clinic up to 3 night if you want.

Q: How much is the cost to have surgical operation?
A: Approximately 140,000 yen. The cost may differ depending on the date of hospital admission so please ask.

Q: Can I have my own room?
A: If available you can have your own room but if the other person needs their own room then we cannot offer a private room.

Q: Is there preparation needed whilst surfing or in the water before going into hospital?

A: Use the earplug to protect the skin condition of external ear canal. Any inflammation will complicate the surgical operation.

Q: Whilst in hospital are they any special conditions?

A: We ask you to refrain from smoking and drinking. There is not a smoking area in our hospital.

Also in order to lower the possibility of liver dysfunction due to alcohol, do not drink for the week before entering the hospital.

Q: Where should I  contact about the treatment?

13−14−2 Yayoicyo Izumishi Osaka, Japan. 594-0061

Oiki Ear and Nose SURGI CLINIC
Haruka Nakanishi

Mail: n.rider@hotmail.co.jp


Q: Is it possible to come from overseas to have the operation?

A: Our procedure has many advantages over traditional surfer’s ear procedures and we have treated surfers from Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.

About the surgical procedure

Q: How you do perform the surgical operation
A: Using general anesthesia, I will perform the surgery from inside the ear opening.

Unlike conventional methods in other countries, we do not cut from behind the ears and thus the time needed for recovery and the time to be back in the water is greatly reduced.

Using a small hammer, we will remove the small ear bones causing the obstruction.

In order to prevent the small possibility sensory hearing loss, I use a chisels and hammer and not a drill.

The skin of the ear canal is preserved as much as possible.

Below is a study concerning surfer’s ear surgery and evaluation of the shape of the ear canal with CT.

It has already been published in the following academic journal.

Haruka Nakanishi, Tetsuya Tono, Nakamura Takeshi: Creation of temporal bone CT double oblique image matching the visual axis of microscopic surgery.

Otology Jpn 25: 805~811, 2015

Q: Possible complications?
A: Tympanic membrane perforation, facial paralysis, dizziness, sensory hearing loss and tinnitus. To date there has been no tympanic membrane perforation, facial paralysis after the operation in our hospital. One person experienced dizziness after the operation for 2 days but it naturally subsided.

Q: Could you do the operation on both ears on the same day?

A: Yes, If it’s necessary then we will do both ears on one day.

Q: How long does the operation take?

A: One ear will take 1~2 hours. Including both the anesthesia and the preparations for both ears then it usually takes 3~4 hours.

Q: Why our methods are superior to cutting from the back of ear ?

A: Both methods are possible, but we are able to operate on both ears in one day with the time to full recovery greatly reduced.

Q: Will I experience any pain after surgery?

A: There is hardly any pain in the ears post procedure .

Q: Will I able to hear after surgery?

A: To stop bleeding, gauze will be packed in the ear canal post-surgery so your hearing may be affected due to this for 1~2 days.

Q: When can I restart surfing or get back into the water after surgery?

A: Normally after 2~4 weeks.

After the surgery

Q: What is the treatment after the surgery?

A: Please come for a follow up visit a week after being discharged from hospital. If coming from overseas, we ask your local ENT to follow the aftercare procedures. Normally there is no need for any difficult follow up treatment. Before your surgery we will ask your ENT for corporation. After the surgery we provide your local ENT doctor the information concerning your surgery.

Q: When can I go back to work?

A: If it is light duties you can be back at work after leaving hospital.

Q: Will there be a recurrence after the surgery?
A: There is high possibility of recurrence if you surf in the same environment as before, but this will take time to reoccur.

Q: Do I need to use ear plug for surfing after the surgery?
A: To prevent the recurrence of exostosis we recommend using ear plugs in winter when the water temperature requires wearing full-suits.

Q: Do I need ear plugs in summer?

A: For warm water and high temp it is not required to use ear plugs.