Coastal Scientist – Ed Atkin

I suffered with chronic surfers ear for more than 15 years. The exostoses in both my ear canals had grown to the point where hearing every day was a problem, and ear infections were more common than not. Committing to having surgery overseas is a big step. However, Nakanishi san was extremely helpful in providing information about the procedure for I agreed to have the surgery performed. Once in Japan the surgical team were thorough, caring and utterly welcoming, never once letting language differences obstruct my comfort. My case was complicated by the fact that the deepest exostoses had grown very close to the ear drum, making for a more challenging process. Nakanishi san managed to remove every bit of unwanted bone from my ears. Not only is he a skilled, specialist surgeon with a clear passion to help people with surfers ear, Nakanishi san is an absolute gentleman and a pleasure to spend time with. I flew home to New Zealand after 4 days in Japan. During the flight home my ears equalized on their own for first time since I was 20 years old. I was back in the water after 3.5 weeks.