Haruka Nakanishi, MD, PhD, ENT specialist: Oiki Ear and Nose Surgi Clinic

Meet the SurgeonHaruka Nakanishi, MD, PhD, ENT specialist

Dr. Haruka Nakanishi principle areas of clinical interest are surfers ear surgery. He regularly surfs and participates in many water-oriented sports. As such he has a great understanding of the problems associated with surfers ear and the issues it can cause. He had worked a university lecturer for a long time in the field and attends National and International meetings and workshops concentrating on these areas of clinical interest. Dr. Haruka is widely published in peer-reviewed articles in surfers ear Surgery and regularly presents at both national and international surgical meetings.


Dr.Haruka commenced training in General Surgery in 2002 after a number of years working for Miyazaki University Hospital. He commenced training in surfers ear Surgery in 2005 then, subsequently undertook training in the procedure at Osaka Hospital name. Dr. Haruka has had extensive training in all aspects of surfers ear Surgery including time spent with a prominent surgeon in Santa Cruz.

He is the former Head of neck and back surgery in Miyazaki university hospital.

On a personal level, Dr. Nakanshi is an avid surfer

who surfs both competitively and recreationally and understands the need to get back in the water as soon as possible whether for work or recreational reasons.

Webmaster Profile:
Haruka Nakanishi MD. Ph.D

1995.4 Started Windsurfing
1997.12 Started  Longboarding
1999.8 All Japan Medical and Dental Student Surfing Championship Longboard class  1st
2001.7 All KYUSHU Surf Union Longboard open A class 4th
2002.3 Graduated from Miyazaki University Medical school
2002.5 MIyazaki University ENT/ Head and neck surgery doctor
2005.6 Start  Shortboard surfing
2009.10 Accompanying perforation of the tension section,

Investigation of cases of secondary narietya

Received the Japan Otic Science Association Encouragement Prize

Otology Japan,18 (5) :6

59-664, (2008)

2011.7 MIyazaki University ENT/ Head and neck surgery  Assistant professor
2012.3 Started Stand up paddle board
2012.4 Triological Society Meeting (USA.CA) にて Otology-Neurotolgy Poster Award 1st Place受賞
2013.7 Studied  with Dr. Douglas Hetzler about the surgery of the surfers ear such as Sensory hearing loss without complications and early restart surfing with incision in the ear canal in Santa Cruz California.
2013.10 The 23rd panel discussion General Meeting of the Otological Society“Short-term stay type surgery” the panelist
2014.7 Educational lecture at the Japanese Otolaryngology Society Kyushu Union Regional Subcommittee

“Handling of external ear canal osteoma (surfer’s year)”

2015.10 Learn the surgical method for the case of difficult to treat, relapse Surfer’s Ear cases in Santa Cruz, California, USA
2015.12 MIyazaki University ENT/ Head and neck surgery